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Our team of financial consultants is at your disposal to offer solutions to your needs. We analyze and study your situation, and provide you with the most reliable and fastest results. We offer consultancy in offering personal loans, mortgages, real estate loans, car loans or car leases. At the same time, we also deal with the deletion of the negative history from the credit bureau database.

So if you are in a situation where no bank can grant you a loan for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us to find the solution as soon as possible.



Our company is based on a team of lawyers and judicial consultants, experts in the field, who aim to achieve all the objectives met. We are at your disposal at any time and welcome you with the best and safest solutions to solve any problem. if you have a problem with your company, or you have to RADIATE, ASSIGN, DISSOLVE OR ESTABLISH a company (SRL, PFA, IF, II), we are the perfect team to help you achieve your goal in the shortest possible time and costs minimum.

Do not try to solve problems yourself, without even consulting an expert in the field, to eliminate the risk of complicating the situation. Experience always has its final word.

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You can opt for a loan in lei, with or without advance, with fixed or variable interest. You will be advised to make the best decision!

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We understand how to effectively guide you through the home loan or refinance process and avoid potential problems along the way.

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