Cum sa alegem oferta potrivita pentru un leasing auto si care sunt diferentele intre leasing operational si financiar !

How do we the right offer for car leasing and which are the differences between operational leasing and financial leasing!

Purchasing a leased fleet of vehicles is the solution used by most start-ups. A Car Leasing lets them grow, without affecting the working capital required for other investments.


The Car Leasing is the advantageous alternative for companies that aim to purchase a certain number of vehicles, but they do not have the required capital. There are two types of leasing: financial and operational.

Financial leasing is the variant used most often, as the company can purchase the vehicles by a loan, which they reimburse in instalments. The funding form is actually a credit, in which the leasing company purchases the asset the company intents to acquire, paying to the leasing company a monthly instalment as set by the agreement. During the contractual period, the owner of the vehicle is in fact the leasing company, and at the end of the agreement the client will become the owner of the asset. The risks and benefit of the ownership right are however transferred to the user at the time the agreement is signed


5 steps of the car leasing procedure

Purchasing a leased car is purchased in several specific steps, which you have to go throw both by yourself and with the leasing company. Many specialized companies provide tailor-made solutions, counselling and flexibility for each project.


Step 1 – Choosing the financing method

The first thing you have to do when you intend to purchase a vehicle or a fleet for your company is to choose the financing method for the asset you have in mind: bank loan, financial leasing or operational leasing. There are more company that chose the financial leasing as at the end of the contracting period, they will become the owners of the assets.


Step 2 –Choosing the vehicle

A significant step is to choose the vehicle or the vehicles you intend to purchase throw a car leasing. You have to take into account the need of your employees and the equipment the vehicle should have. When you intend to use a financial leasing, you can choose any specification, however you have to take into account the fact the car you have in mind might not be in stock and you have to wait for several months for it to be delivered.

In case you want to purchase a vehicle using a lease, there are several criteria you need to take into account, such as:

  • the leasing company;
  • monthly instalment;
  • the km threshold imposed (if applicable);
  • advance payment;
  • assigning the insurance and maintenance service and other specific criteria.


Step 3 – Approval of the leasing company 

After negotiating with the supplier, the leasing company will advance a financing offer, which can undergo several amendments related to the advance payment calculation, the leasing instalment and the insurance amount depending on the car you have chosen. It is important to pay increased attention to this step due to the change the offer can undergo you benefit to purchase the vehicle or the fleet.


Step 4 – Signing the agreement

Signing the agreement will include the asset description, the leasing period, the amount of the monthly leasing instalments, a number of rights and obligations for both parties, the liabilities in case the rights and obligations of parties are not complied with, however, other provisions related to the conditions imposed by the leasing company and information on the insurance package. Depending on the type of leasing you have chosen (financial or operational), the agreement may include other additional information.


Step 5 –  Insuring the asset and receiving the vehicle

After you sign the leasing agreement, it is mandatory to sign an insurance policy RCA (civil liability insurance) and/or CASCO (Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance).  Your obligation to sign a certain type of insurance varies depending on the vehicle and the specific criteria of the leasing company. After this step is completed, you will receive the assets requested.


In conclusion, purchasing a leased vehicle is a medium or long-term commitment and any eventual deviation from the contracting conditions may entail certain liabilities, up to losing the vehicle, and in certain cases, the payment of the instalments left until the completion of the contractual period. On the other hand, purchasing leased vehicles brings certain advantages for the companies that are aimed at growing, but which do not have sufficient working capital for investments. Many leasing companies provide tailor-made offers, to suit each customer.

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